Our mission is to celebrate the best of Calabria to tell both in Italy and abroad a story of flavors that never cease to evoke the idea of a South in constant movement and transformation.

Varrà Food was born in Calabria in 2015 and collects the legacy of the family farm specialized in the production of oranges and kiwis. Today we grow and market fruit and vegetables, dedicating ourselves to the transformation of agricultural products. We produce preserves, jams, honey, Italian appetizers and tomato puree, following artisanal processing methods and ensuring high levels of safety. Our products are marketed through the brand Opera Terrae..

The attention we put in our work is not only the result of a family heritage, but it is daily renewed through study, commitment and research. Our catalog is also enriched with a selection of other organic products: flours, pasta and cold cuts. We enhance the resources and productions both regional and national, with the idea of networking producers.

Respect for production processes and the cycle of nature

Ethics in agricultural work

Research and innovation both in agriculture and in the transformation of products

Valorization of the agricultural resources of our territory

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Mail: info@varrafood.com
Tel: +39 0966 046181
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Registered office: Via Elvethia, 5 - 89025 Rosarno (RC)
Production land: C.da Alimastro, snc - 89025 Rosarno (RC)
Factory and offices: Via Martin Luther King, 1 - 89025 Rosarno (RC)


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