We process the fruit of our territory by networking the work of local producers.

From the experience of Opera Terrae it was born a line of semi-finished products aimed at the food and confectionery market. Our products are born from the collaboration with numerous local producers who share our philosophy. In order to offer quality semi-finished products, we select the best fruit and process it following processes that guarantee maximum safety.


Varrà jams and marmalades contain the taste of citrus fruits and fruit grown in our territory.

Produced with a high percentage of fresh fruit (30-40%), they are packaged in practical resealable buckets of 2.5, 6, 12, 5 and 25 kg.

Ideal as confectionery products and for the food industry.

Baking, filling and laboratory jams are available.

Handcrafted citrus peels available in different sizes: fillets, quarters, cubes.  The preservation method, at a temperature of -20°C, guarantees a high-quality product.

Ideal for candying or for the decoration of cakes.

Juices obtained from the mechanical pressing of citrus fruits, without other added ingredients. Stored at -20°C, in 5 and 10 kg bags, they enclose the taste and the properties of freshly picked fruit.

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Registered office: Via Elvethia, 5 - 89025 Rosarno (RC)
Production land: C.da Alimastro, snc - 89025 Rosarno (RC)
Factory and offices: Via Martin Luther King, 1 - 89025 Rosarno (RC)


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