Our mission is to celebrate the best of Calabria to tell both in Italy and abroad a story of flavors that never cease to evoke the idea of a South in constant movement and transformation.

Our products are the result of a sustainable vision because we take care of our territory and respect the work ethic. For more than fifteen years we have been using methods of cultivation that guarantee the highest quality of fruits and vegetables without the use of phytosanitary products or pesticides. We consider organic as a way of thinking, a concrete practice, a manifesto that represents us and a conscious choice. We look at innovation and sustainability in agriculture by computerizing irrigation management system. Our method is the result of constant sharing and collaboration with a team of agronomists and scholars of food engineering. Our products are certified BIO by Bios.


Cultivated in our land for more than eighty years, oranges are one of the fruits that have always represented the territory and our company. We grow table oranges as well as for juicing. The different varieties present in our orchards are distinguished by color, taste and time of harvest.

The blonde orange is ideal for eating and is characterized by its coloring that goes from yellow to orange.
Blood oranges:
∙ ‘Tarocco round’, seedless and with pigmented flesh;
∙ ‘Moro’ with a sour flavor;
∙ ‘Navel’ with sweet taste;
∙ ‘Lane Late’ is part of the same family and ripens later than the

The cultivation of this Subtropical fruit in our land has started in recent years.
Native of Central America, it was considered an aphrodisiac also for its particular shape.

Avocado can be used for both sweet and salty recipes.

Defined the green gold of Calabria it grows exclusively in the Tyrrhenian and Ionian areas. The particular fresh and ventilated microclimate of this areas allows the plant to develop its fruits and aromas that make it so unique.
The scent of its peel is intense and numerous are the properties today recognized to this fruit.
From the peel it is possible to obtain the essential oil, which is
very sought after in cosmetics. Bergamot can also be used for
the treatment of high levels of cholesterol.

It is the fruit that is characteristic of Calabria, born from a hybrid between the bitter orange and the mandarin.
The clementines of Calabria PGI, Protected Geographical Indication, were introduced in our region more than fifty years ago.

They are characterized by the absence of seeds and their sweet taste that never exceeds in acidity. Fragrant and sweet are eaten fresh or used for the preparation of juices and jams.

They are rich in vitamin C and A.  

The production of kiwis on our land began about thirty years ago.
Today, we study the best methods of cultivation and irrigation, working with a team of agronomists and using innovative systems that can ensure an organic production at its finest. Before harvesting we check the ‘brix degree’ of the fruit, which is the level of sugar content.
Nowadays the kiwi represents one of the strong points of our production, a fruit with exotic lure that has found in Calabria his ideal microclimate to grow. In our lands, we produce the ‘Hayward’ variety, with its tender flesh and its sweet-sour contrast, and also the ‘Boerica’ variety, with a sweet and juicy pulp and highly rich in vitamin C. We also produce the yellow kiwi, with its smooth skin and golden and sweet flesh.

We cultivate different varieties of lemons in our lands, and we collect them at different degrees of ripeness, distinguishable by the colour sphere ranging from green to yellow.
Among the varieties present in our lands are:
∙ Interdonato;
∙ Primofiore;
∙ Verna

Scented and with a thin peel, the mandarin stands out for its juicy flesh
and for its intense taste.

The quality we produce is a late one.

It is a Winter fruit par excellence, recognized for its bitterish taste and for its beneficial properties.
It is an Ideal fruit for making juices, also in combination with other citrus fruits, such as orange.

It is rich in vitamins and antioxidant substances.
In our lands we grow:
∙ yellow grapefruit, with light flesh and acid taste;
∙ pink grapefruit, with a sweet taste.


The vegetables are grown following the seasonality and selected for our boxes, which contain the finest of our organic production. We produce, following the principles of an authentic biological production: broccoli, cauliflower, turnip greens, pumpkins, zucchini, patatoes, fennel, aubergine, tomatoes, peas, fava beans.

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