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The raw material is our starting point from which we begin to create products that tell about us and our passion for good taste and quality.

We have chosen to keep on writing its family and business history through the processing laboratory through Opera Terrae brand products. The tastes of our preserves tell the story of the territory, between old and new flavors.


Opera Terrae BIO preserves are produced only with fruit sugars, following artisanal processing methods but also able to to guarantee maximum safety. Kiwis, oranges and clementines, coming directly from our land, are harvested at the right degree of maturation to ensure preserves with a tasty and unique savor. The fruit is cooked at low temperature to preserve its properties, taste and scents.


We protect the habitat of our bees in order to produce quality honeys that reflect the scents and aromas of the territory. Protecting bees means respecting the environment in which they are bred and protect biodiversity. Our honeys are produced following these principles without the use of pressure machinery for the extraction. We produce: clementine honey, with a light clear color and citrusy taste, the millefiori honey, whose essence varies according to the flowering, and the chestnut honey with a dark color and intense aroma. In order to produce chestnut honey, the bees are conducted in high altitude, always on our territory.


We harvest the tomato from our lands and we transform it within a few hours of collection. Tomatoes grow cradled by the Calabrian sun and by the light breeze of our sea. We follow those artisan methods that we have learned and seen during childhood and we ensure a high food safety in our laboratories. We experiment the best methods to produce a quality puree. The tomato is cooked at low temperatures and the puree is hot bottled and pasteurized.

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Registered office: Via Elvethia, 5 - 89025 Rosarno (RC)
Production land: C.da Alimastro, snc - 89025 Rosarno (RC)
Factory and offices: Via Martin Luther King, 1 - 89025 Rosarno (RC)


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