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Opera Terrae is a story that ties itself to Calabria. Hence the idea of creating a scenario of coexistence between plants and crops.

Opera Terrae carries on with commitment, energy and dedication, an idea of organic farming, sustainable, ethical, innovative, safe. The production of oranges lemons, bergamots, clementines and kiwis joins to the that of transformed products: preserves, jams, honey, sweet and savory creams. The raw materials used for processed products come from company lands, or from small local producers with whom Opera Terrae shares a vision of agriculture very attentive to the territory.

Our products are the result of a sustainable vision because we take care of our territory and respect the work ethic. For more than fifteen years we have been using methods of cultivation that guarantee the highest quality of fruits and vegetables without the use of phytosanitary products or pesticides. We consider organic as a way of thinking, a concrete practice, a manifesto that represents us and a conscious choice. We look at innovation and sustainability in agriculture by computerizing irrigation management system. Our method is the result of constant sharing and collaboration with a team of agronomists and scholars of food engineering. Our products are certified BIO by Bios.

Our catalog is also enriched with a selection of other organic products: flours, pasta and cold cuts. We enhance the resources and regional and national productions with the idea of putting in a network of producers.

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Mail: info@varrafood.com
Tel: +39 0966 046181
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Registered office: Via Elvethia, 5 - 89025 Rosarno (RC)
Production land: C.da Alimastro, snc - 89025 Rosarno (RC)
Factory and offices: Via Martin Luther King, 1 - 89025 Rosarno (RC)


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